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Would Volvo re-imburse a customer for a repair that is done a week after the warranty expired, or are they rigid about their policies? Does anyone have any experience dealing with Volvo on a barely-out-of-warranty claim and was it successful? I'm specifically talking about an S60, that's why I put it in this forum.

I'm not sure if this is in the right forum, and I apologize in advance for being a newbie, but I thought maybe someone could help me. Basically I'm doing a response in a business communication class where I am pretending to be a Volvo manager responding to a customer who's warranty just expired. Personally, I would re-imburse the customer, but I wanted to add a touch of real life experience since I don't have any experience dealing with Volvo. Here is the full details of the issue I have to respond to if you are curious:

"June 9, 2005

I am the owner of a 2003 Volvo S-60. It's my third Volvo automobile, and I've been very pleased with the car until just recently.

My car has a manual, 5-speed transmission and about ten days ago, while driving home from work, I discovered that I couldn't shift the car into second gear. The clutch worked fine, and the shift lever would move into any gear except second. The next day I took the car back to the dealer, Gary Ortman Imports, 2117 West Genesee Street, in Syracuse. After examining the transmission, their chief mechanic said the receiving fork in the shift linkage was bent and would have to be replaced.

With parts and labor, the repairs came to $987.65. I wouldn't be so upset about this, but the warrant ont he car expired June 1, 2005. I took delivery of the car June 1, 2003, and the sales agreement has a 24-month, 24,000-mile limited warranty. The odometer now reads 18,471 miles.

Mr. Barry Quinlevan, the service manager at Ortman Imports, tells me that it is most unusual for a shift for to fail anytime during the first ten years of operation in the model automobile. I am a careful driver and certainly haven't abused the car in any way. He was sympathetic, but said he wouldn't be allowed to submit the part for a warranty claim.

I am angry and more than a little frustrated about this. It just doesn't seem right that I should get stuck with a bill for $558 in parts, $391 in labor, and $38.65 tax, all because that part failed less than a week after my warranty expired. Is there something you can do for me, or should I have bought a Lexus?"

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It has been my experience that most manufacturers are pretty strick with the warranty periods. If they go beyond the warranty period how can they be fair? When is 10 days the cut off and not 11 days? By staying with the guidelines of the warranty period it takes them out of the game of deciding who to give special treatment to.

That being said, I have seen dealers go above and beyond but on a case by case scenario. I would think if someone purchased several cars from them they may eat the cost even if the manufacturer won't back it.

Hope this helps.
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