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I've recently purchased a used 2004.5 (apparently there were 2 models that year) Volvo S40... unfortunately when I test drove the car, I did not play around with the radio. When I got home, I attempted to use the CD changer and found out it was jammed in some way and just keeps saying "deck error"... I went to a local Volvo dealer and found out that it would cost me over $900 for a new CD changer and labor...

After finding out the cost for an OEM replacement, I started shopping around for an aftermarket solution... unfortunately I've run into a dead end when going this route... Most places tell me there is no dual DIN aftermarket units that would fit that dash (theywould have to cut into and custom mold the existing dash)... and if they used a single DIN or any other after market unit, I would lose the climate gauges that is usually displayed on the factory unit.

Before I cough up $900+ just to get a replacement OEM unit (which is very basic and flintstones-like) DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT I COULD DO FROM THIS POINT?

I would like to have an option for aux-in and USB input for my music... the CD changer is not much of a big deal, I can do with just a single CD player... and a less expensive solution would be awesome!

Thanks in advance for anyone's advice...
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