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No issues for all the years we have owned our V40 until a few days after we gave it to our daughter and son-in-law. We had just replaced the CV boots at our local Sacramento Volvo dealership (which has done all the work on this car since we purchased it in 2007 as a certified used Volvo) and our daughter was thrilled. It has only 102K miles on it and replaced a 2001 Subaru Outback H6-3.0 L.L. Bean edition with 123K miles, and showing its age. It has worked very well for us and had no issues. She drove it to work that week and was much happier than with her Subaru.

HOWEVER, the next week, on Monday morning, after the car sat in the garage for the entire weekend, it wouldn't start properly. The engine turned over as always, then slowed down and stopped, like fuel was not getting to the injectors. I was there at the time, with my wife, so I went out, played around with the starting, and discovered that if I kept my foot off the brake and hovered over the accelerator, after the engine first turned over I could depress the gas and hold the engine at about 2K rpms for 15-20 seconds. I then released the accelerator and the car returned to normal idle speed. I shut it down, and it started again right away. I thought it might be the fuel pump, but there we no trouble codes at all and it drove fine after the initial starting issue.

My daughter had this happen again to her, so we drove the V40 to Niello Volvo in Sacramento. They could not duplicate the issue and found no trouble codes (I did read that Peugot built the V40 diesel engines, therefore no Volvo trouble codes appeared when problems occurred, but I don't know if that might be the issue with the petrol engines). They decided that it might be the fuel pressure regulator, something that a Volvo geek friend of my daughter said it sounded like (he has done extensive work on many Volvo series over the years, so we decided to go ahead with the repair).

My daughter was able to start the car fine at the dealership and drive home. After sitting in the garage the next weekend, the same problem reoccurred on Monday, so the V40 was taken back to Niello Volvo. Unfortunately, they test started it every day, instead of letting it sit for at least two or three days, like a weekend would cause. They have been unable to duplicate the problem, so we are unwilling to pay for any more service rental vehicles and will bring it home.

Starting it on the the weekends once or twice will be the temporary solution until someone discovers the problem.

Thank you to all suggestions.
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