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Welcome, first what I would do is eliminate the obvious but we probably not the issue - replace the bulb with a brand new one. As crazy as it sounds if both bulbs blew for some issue you could drive yourself nuts on a simple fix. I'd put a meter on the brake light switch up under the dash to make sure you have voltage coming out and check the brake light sockets with a meter to isolate. You could have a faulty brake light switch.

Something else to try is often the electrical contacts on the removable bulb holders get dirty or partially corroded, and then don't carry current well. This can cause the Brake Lights or other Rear lights to fail intermittantly or fail completely.

1. Clean the contacts in the bulb holders and the contact areas on all the bulbs involved.
Use a small piece of emery cloth, or a piece of steel wool.
2. Check the connections where the wiring connects to the lights.
Clean away any corrosion and make sure the contacts are tight.
Sometimes you can use needle nose pliers to gently tighten them.
Replace any corroded wiring.

Let me know how all goes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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