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Hi all

Can somebody please give me some advice with what to do with my car. I had a problem with it in September 2012. The car would sometimes refuse to start when the engine was warm. After waiting a while it would start. One day the car cut out when driving and wouldn't start again. There was air in the fuel lines. I left the car alone for a few months but eventually got it working again with a hand priming pump. I've had it "working" again for a grand total of 2 days, although the warm starting issue is still there. Today I left work and started the car, I noticed it felt quite rough when idle, a lot rougher then usual. I got the car home then about 15 mins later went to go out again and it wouldn't start. I left it for a while and it still wouldn't start. Somebody on this forum told me the throttle body could be sticking shut causing the problem so I removed the throttle body and it is not sticking shut.

I then noticed there was air in the fuel lines again so I assume I have an air leak somewhere. I tried to get it going again with the hand pump to no avail. I know the car has a few problems and am wondering if it is worth me getting it fixed properly or scrapping it.

I had a diagnostic on the car and it came up with the following faults:

Code001: ECM-0 Glow plug relay.380 Faulty Signal

Code002: EGR control. 1335 Faulty Signal

Code003: ECM- Fuel injection. 1213 System driver faulty signal

Code004: ECM-0 EGR Control. 490 Signal too high

Code005: ECM-0 Fuel injection. 200 System driver signal missing

Code006: ECM-0 Generator. 625 Signal too low

Code007: ECM- Stop lamp. 1935 Stop lamp switch faulty signal

Code008: ECM - Communication. C326 Control module faulty signal

I paid nothing for the car, however I think I will end up spending a hell of a lot putting everything right. If anybody can let me know what these codes mean exactly and if you think it's worth putting right I would be grateful.

It's a 2005 2.0 SE with approx 160,000 on the clock.

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