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Have 69 P1800 and love it...have V70 2005 that I need help with. Car sways left and right and worse when I hit a bump...feels like hydro planning.... all left front drivers wheel....loosing my mind

New axle, new controller arm, new rotors, new lower tie rode, new barring, tires balanced....aligned by my mechanic 3 times as it stays aligned. Brand new tires....with in 750 miles, outer trend wore bald...mechanic took new rear tires up front and 300 miles later left front wheel is balding again....Shocks are not that bad......

Mechanic is stumped....feel vibration in steering wheel and floor...driving 60-65 mph and take hands off wheel and steering wheel turns left and right about 5-10 degrees but drives

Originally mechanic got two after market axles that would not fit then he found one(volvo) on west-side of Cleveland. Seems the problem started after the axle was installed. I am a chiropractor and know a little about cares and my thought or question is....can a defective( not straight) axle cause the tire/wheel mechanism to be off my millimeters causing the sway left and right and rubber wearing very quickly on the tires. Any suggestions would help....I feel unsafe driving and is worse with wet and snowy road...swaying left and right but going straight....thanks all...Nick Hadzima
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