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I just bought a 2006 Volvo S40 2.4l (manual transmission) 2 weeks ago Two days later, after putting in a new alternator and battery and licensing and registering it I hit a tree and the airbag deployed and there is body damage to the front bumper and drivers side headlight. It turns over but wont start. I'm pretty sure its totalled and so I am hoping to recover some of the approx. $6000 I have into it. I looked into one of those cash for junk cars places online and got a quote for $95 and my hopes dropped! Im wondering if anyone knows of a site where people post iso ads specifically for Volvos? I bought this car because a t wa as in such great conditiin, one owner, and onky 76k mikes! I know I'd make more than $95 parting it out but I really dont want to list multiple items on ebay and wait, I need cash now to replace my vehicle. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thank you


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