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Hello, everyone!

Friday the aforementioned car would not turn past lock position 1. Today I got out there, removed the lower steering column cowling, pulled the ignition switch and was still unable to turn the key past position 1. Using a screw driver, I was able to fully turn the car on and let it run for a while.

As the car is in park, when I tried to tow it to the shop, they were hesitant to pull it onto the flatbed. I thought with the car on I would be able to shift the car to drive, move it to a flat spot, and put it into neutral. Alas, when I try to shift to drive, I cannot. Is there a safety feature I may have activated that is keeping the car from being able to shift? Any ideas of how I could get this thing out of park?

Additionally, with the car on, I received a warning of "anti-skid service required." A quick google tells me this is a calibration/sensor issue with knowing how far the wheel needs to turn. Is this a result of the work I did? Possibly related to the whole problem?

So that's where I am at right now. The tow company is trying to find a wrecker to use on the car, but has not had any luck so far. What are the chances pulling it to a flatbed in park would damage it? Any thoughts, experiences, tips are welcome!
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