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2006 S60R Performance Chip?

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I'm looking to do some upgrades to my volvo and figured that chipping the car will give me the most power for the money. I've called up probably 15 places in massachusetts so far and none of them can chip my car or know a place that can do it for me. I didnt want to have to send my ecu away to get chipped, so I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for places in or around Mass that I could get my volvo chipped, or any other possible sollutions. Thanks! - Joe
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I used IPD for my 2006 s80 2.5T - immediat. felt the difference. The lb/lbs Tor. mainly. HP is for racing (added about 45) the torque (the upgrade added about 50-60 ft/lbs) was where I felt it. Immediate difference - expensive though.
Trying to sell my car on this site - want a 2008-2009 T-6 AWD but I may have too many kids.
What did you do in the end? These chips can be way too expensive sometimes
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