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Hi peeps
Well my 2006 xc90 has the dash lights from I sent the emc out to g7 computers and it was fine..then I sent the cem to them and it had a hardware issue that they repaired.. I also replaced the alternator and seems ok for the first 5 minutes then the dash lights come on.. and it seems like the battery gets drained even though the alternator is putting out 13.6 runs good and cranks right up..but the tach ..speedo.
Temp gauges are inop.. fuel gauge works fine.blinkes headlights and taillights work fine..rear hatch release doesn't work.. I have the calvan tool amp hound that I will try to find a voltage parasite draw.. do you think maybe the instrument cluster could be the problem?
I understand that they are a issue with this model.. thanks in advance for your help
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