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We just purchased a 2006 XC90 with the rear entertainment system (RES). everything was functioning with the exception of the passenger side headrest display that was only displaying images in black and white. After taking out the headrest to inspect connections and trying the aux source for that display nothing seemed to make a difference. I read through the manual and found that when I tried to adjust the video on the B&W display using the menu button on the remote the display would not respond to the remote. It would respond to every other button on the remote. The driver display would work with all the remote functions including menu. My wife suggested changing the batteries in the remote. It seemed like a long shot since most everything else was functioning but to my surprise and delight it worked. As soon as the new batteries were in and I hit the menu button while pointing at the display the colour came on and I could get in to make adjustments.

my next challenge is to figure out how to get my wife to stop gloating...wish me luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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