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New to the forum and car repair in general. I've got an older volvo that was passed onto me. It's been running well, but recently it started dying in idle. The car burns oil, so after some research I figured it was likely an issue with one of the spark plugs. I replaced all the spark plugs so I might be able to get an idea of which cylinders are burning oil, and none of them really looked great.

After replacing the plugs the car stopped dying in idle, but still misfired frequently. After taking it on the highway to get it home it started to be difficult to keep it at the speed limit(65 mph). The check engine light came on and I bought a diagnostic computer. I got the codes:


I cleaned out the air filter and P0101 seems to have disappeared for now. I was wondering if what the next steps I should take to try and diagnose the misfire problem should be.

The nearest import shop is 45 minutes away and I'd rather not have to get it towed out there if it's something I could fix myself. School is starting up soon, so I'm getting pretty nervous, since I need the car to get to classes and work.

Is this something that someone with very little experience might be able to fix?

Any help is very much appreciated!

EDIT: Some additional information. The engine can rev above 3000 rpm, somebody said that could be relevant for diagnosing the cat.
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