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I searched the forum trying to see if anyone else was having this same trouble but I couldn't fine anything on it. Anyway... this is the issue I'm having with my hardtop and I'm hoping someone knows what it is so I know whether I need to take it in for service or not.

When I push the button to start bringing the top back up, it makes this loud pop/click sound and it seems to move smoothly as it's going up, but sometimes when it gets ready to lock into place it misses the notches in the top where its supposed to lock into and I have to stop it, hit to the other button to start the open process and then try to hit the close button again to see if it will re-adjust. On one occasion I had to open it all the way again and then then close it and it adjusted into place correctly the second time.

Has anyone had this same problem and/or know what it causing it?

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