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Hello- New member here !
I am attempting to replace an exploded rear driver side brake caliper. I got on FRC Euro website and found the TRW replacement. I ran the double check on their site and it came back with "this part will fit your car". However I am finding that not to be the case. I bought the tool that backs off the electric parking brake and performed that operation.
I even took off the electric parking brake motor from the new caliper; and put a torx bit into the back side of the caliper and turned it clockwise for quite awhile. The rubber boot around the piston on the caliper started to deform and it never seemed to bottom out or come to a stop. I am afraid of ripping or deforming this boot.The piston is still above/or sticking out of the piston chamber about 1/2 an inch. This caliper does even come close to going over the new rotor and new pads, which FRC also said would fit my 2012 XC 60. It definitely looks the same as the part that came off--- but I am still about 3/4 of an inch from being able slide this caliper over the new pads....
anyone ever encounter this situation before? Any guidance/assistance would be truly appreciated.

Signed, Desperately Seeking Sweden
a.k.a. Tim
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