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2015.5 S60 USB shuffle issue

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I had it working, then it failed.
Tried 2 different drives, the original 1 that worked and a new 8G SanDisk stubby.
Both FAT 32 USB2.
Shuffle works fine with CD.
The Sensus sees and play music serially.
But shuffle now only works within an artists folder.
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took it to the dealer on Fri. They reset the system from the computer (I assume thier computer and not the cars computer). All happy now.
happened again today after I did some editing on the drive. That apparently makes it stoopit.
so I backed up and opened the the sub-folder called Tracks. After the scan was done I started shuffle again and it worked. Dunno if that would have fixed it the first time.
Time will tell when tmrw comes
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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