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Just thought I would give a recap to what I found. For previous problems, refer to other thread.

It seems that a new MAS was the biggest problem. Cleared all my codes, but I was still having some issues. Every once in a while, and growing more frequent, was that it would not start. It was not pumping fuel, so I thought it was the fuel pump. I would have to pull the #4 fuse and re-seat the fuse. It would then start no problem. Then, that didn't help. I was going to pull the relay to look for a bad solder.

I was looking at the fuse panel diagram and notice a fuse for the fuel injectors. I looked at the fuse, clean the ends and the pins. Nothing. So I replaced the fuse. BINGO! Started right up, and seems to have taken care of the slight issues it was still having. So far, so good.

I hope that this might help someone who might be having some issues similar to mine. Good Luck.
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