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240 Turbo UK Build

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Hi everyone, I have been building a 240 Turbo for the last 2 years and I have had no trouble sourcing parts really, I have a 1991 240 4 door sedan which I have fully poly bushed, stripped out the whole rear end and engine bay, treated all rust and re painted, I have a B230FK with H section con rods, 531 big valve gas flowed head, fully rebuilt internals, and soon to have holset hx 35 twin scroll turbo with tubular manifold which will all be managed by Megasquirt... Eventually.. I am having alot of trouble finding another 19mm rear anti roll bar, same as the stock on on my car to do a double coversion, I dont want to pay nearly £400 For an IPD one. Can anyone help me? Please PM me if you are in England and want to sell! Picture is of the rear end atm that is a 19mm and a 16mm bar together


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