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I now wonder if I have 2 things going on at once. 1992 240DL wagon. 376K miles. No matter when I try, the AT fluid stick is dry when first pulled, and entirely covered when re-dipped to read.

I also just recently had the transmission drop out of OD to 3rd and the orange fuel economy arrow light come on. Twice it happened going down the same sizeable curved hill at 45mph. It is possible that I bumped the thumb switch on one of those, not sure.

Specialty shop: "your AT fluid is low"
Transmission shop: "many things can make the transmission drop out of OD but not the fluid level"
relative & manager of a repair shop: "don't check the fluid level when running". This has made no difference on the contradictory readings I get.

To solve being stuck in 3rd, I had to stop, turn off, unplug the fuse "4th gear, heated rear windos" and restart.

5 years ago on a similar trans in an 87 coupe, the OD relay failed once for all. There was nothing for it.


On another issue: why is the rear fog light driver side only when the wiring is there for passenger side and when a new lense came with a bulb at the position needed? I'm just curious--I have been stopped by a cop when it was on and asked if my brakelight was stuck on.

If you can help but prefer to call, I'm at 360-460-9473 near Seattle.
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