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73 p1800 es wagon maintenance question

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hello members,

I have a 73 p1800 es wagon. I have been trying to fix numerous problems since I bought it about 4 months ago. I'm glad to say I love the car and I have fixed most of them. Recently I had alot of problems starting it, so I changed point, condenser, plugs, cap and replaces the main relay. I was getting plenty of spark but I noticed I fuel pump was not pumping. When I try to prime it a coiple of times it just would not start the pump even with the new relay. We connected the pump for a few seconds directly and it started right up and so did the car. I followed the wiring as best as I could and all I found was a nightmare of past re-wiring that went nowhere. I take it that from the ignition they would be a wire that start the pump when you prime it. Can someone tell me what is the correct way to wire the fuel pump for it to work properly as I turn the ignition. The way I have it connected now is that when I prime it, if I don't put the ignition back to the off position, the fuel pump keeps sending fuel. Is there a fuse that controls it?


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On the right side of the engine compartment are two relays (near the battery). The front one (left in the pic) is the fuel pump relay.

The prime and run functions both happen through this relay. If you can go back and have the prime working that's good.

The yellow wire is attached to terminal 87.
The red wire is attached to 30/51.
The white wire on the block connects to 85. (there is a second wire in the block connecting to 86)

When you turn on the ignition the pump should run for approx 2 seconds. When the car turns over and starts, it will run continuously. These functions are generated from the computer.

The Volvo Sports America Fuel Injection book is good for testing this. Someone here found one recently.

If you really want to study the wiring diagram...
which shows a green wire to 30/51...?
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