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hello members,

I have a 73 p1800 es wagon. I have been trying to fix numerous problems since I bought it about 4 months ago. I'm glad to say I love the car and I have fixed most of them. Recently I had alot of problems starting it, so I changed point, condenser, plugs, cap and replaces the main relay. I was getting plenty of spark but I noticed I fuel pump was not pumping. When I try to prime it a coiple of times it just would not start the pump even with the new relay. We connected the pump for a few seconds directly and it started right up and so did the car. I followed the wiring as best as I could and all I found was a nightmare of past re-wiring that went nowhere. I take it that from the ignition they would be a wire that start the pump when you prime it. Can someone tell me what is the correct way to wire the fuel pump for it to work properly as I turn the ignition. The way I have it connected now is that when I prime it, if I don't put the ignition back to the off position, the fuel pump keeps sending fuel. Is there a fuse that controls it?


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