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The original had worn rings and the brushes did not make contact.
I got a substitute from a local general auto supplier [Lordco] a Delco No;334-1031. GM No;19134024
It looks identical but I cannot turn it on.
It charges around 5 amp at idle but as soon as the rpm increases the charging rate falls close to zero. I cleaned the instrument cluster made sure all the contacts and connection are ok.
The maximum voltage output 12.5V from the alternator far below the required 14.1V
Is it possible that a got a faulty replacement?
The batt. is new.
The batt. light in the dashboard comes on occasionally it turns off.
Sometimes it does not comes on with full intensity but it is visible.
If you an idea please let me know.
The substitute alternator quite expensive, spending another 300 bucks for another one is a pain.
They do not give you a warranty and I cannot return it.
I hope somebody has a similar experience with a solution.
I will appreciate any advice.

PS: I have very good test instruments, from voltage to current monitor and scope also.
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