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[740 D24] Custom radiator?

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Hi all. It's my first post here, so I'd like to say welcome.

I've bought '90 740, with N/A D24 engine. Good condition but radiator is broken in unrepairable manner. So, I'm looking for a replacement but new one for D24 is hard to find in my country and damn expensive (they cost more that a whole 940 in average condition).

So my questions are:

- can I use D24T's radiator? It seems to be a bit higher, original D24 dimensions are 595x415 milimeters, but D24T are 595x509 mm. Are they easy replaceable? Seems they are but I'd like to be sure... It's quite possible to find used one in my area.

- can I use radiator from any other Volvo models? I mean 960 3.0 or others, they are MUCH cheaper than dedicated for diesels. I'm aware of cooling capacity requirement for diesel engines, and difference between alloy gasser radiators and copper/brass diesel ones, but what are your opinions?
Found this one for example:

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From what Volvo model it comes from? It's dimensions are about 60x45 cm, it is from about 15-25 yeard old Volvo car at 100% sure, but unknown model. I guess it can be from diesel 700/900 because of it's size - it's big enough, but I'm not sure about that bent inlet..

Anyway, I've heard about 3.0 960's radiator fitting and using without any problems. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

- or maybe anyone fitted with success any radiator from other car? BMW/Mercedes or something else?

Thank you in advance for your interest and help :)
Greetings from Poland,
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