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Hello Volvo I'm Stuck ...please lend your expertise to this problem!I have a 79 Volvo 242dl with a no start condition.
The car was running good then one day the steering rack
Started leaking.the car sat for almost a year until I finally
Rebuilt it. I installed the rack and before I tried to start the
Car I replaced the plugs ,cap ,rotor,and wires.the car turns over but didn't even hint at starting. I suspected fuel delivery
So I cracked open the fuel line at the fuel gas was
Coming out.I couldn't hear either the in tank, or external
Fuel pumps operating. I checked both fuses..both good.
Next checked for voltage at the external fuel pump.. None
After that I tested the fuel pump relay by using a jumper*
To bypass..The external fuel pump started whirring...I cracked
The connection at the fuel filter and fuel was present..
( although I didn't check the fuel pressure). The car still
Didn't start. I figured my fuel pump relay was bad so I*
Replaced it..when I turned the key with the new relay
Installed It wasn't whirring and there was no voltage at
The pump again.
I'm humbly asking one of you crack mechanics out there
To tell me what to do next.. Thank you Dave

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