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Hello Volvo family. I am in the military and was on a six month deployment, mean while my Volvo 850 (1995) sat, in garage. Upon my return i replace all the suspension such as struts, shocks, and control arms, and cv jionts , spark plugs & wires, rotor cap& button,finally the Battery.
My questions to anyone that can help is,
(1) My Speed & Odometer, know longer work at last checked i had a 140K miles on it. I have inquired to another Volvo owner, and he said the ABS control module is most likely the colpret. With that said how and what is the most effiecient way to make this repair. Please include info on good places to purchase hard to fine parts thankyou.

(2) Now my car has a blinking Arrow located on the right side of the cluster that started blinking a day ago. Now when this took place, the car seems to be in a lower gear, and takes a good bit of time to build speed. I would love to not have to replace my Trans. So any and all tipps are appreciated.
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