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Hi all.

please give me some expert advise!!

I have been offered a manual 1997 850t5 with 109k and FSH.been standing for 18months however (started first time, beast to drive!). No Mot but 2 months to get it ready with workshop facilities.
Love the car but 2 problems noticed -

Main problem -

Pulling off in first only when cold, a rough noise when clutch is released. Hard to describe but not a screech. Clutch or drive belt or a bearing I.e. thrust??

Also -

abs light on. Can't get a reader to connect with obdII but guess I can get abs module & sensors for cheap?

Also -

Radio code - where can I get one?!

Need to know by tomorrow whether to keep or ditch it. Chap wants £500for vehicle. I can't buy it if it's a whole new clutch needed but if were talking a belt tightening its ok.

Please give me ur thoughts!

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