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854 interminnent fuel odor

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I have a 1996 854 2,0 T5 at 175k miles. I get interminnent fuel odor when cruising at 20-30mph with sunroof open (the rear side up). Mostly happens after I've driven on the highway. I sometimes get fuel odor after I park the car in the garage on very hot days (+ 36degrees C) but I cannot really localize where it comes from. Anybody else here who has a high mileage 850 with similar problem?
Thanks in advance.
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Are you topping off the tank? Are you getting any codes/lights? I would check the entire fuel system for leaks. There was a recall on the 850 for for gas tanks. Check with a dealer and make sure yours has been addressed.
Hi again. Thanks for the reply.

I get no codes.

I am not topping off the tank, there's max 50 liters of gasoline in the tank. (It can hold 70)

The car is in Turkey which is not in EU. I wonder if the recall is valid there, too. Maybe I should call Volvo customer service in Sweden (where I live parts of the year) and ask.

How do you check the fuel system for leaks? I have not seen any visible fuel leakage, if it was visibly leaking it would smell a lot more, I had that in another car before. When the engine is hot there is always air drift below the car because of heat difference even if the engine is not running. It makes it hard to localize the origin of the smell.

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I have the same issue. I think it has something to do with the air being drawn in by the roof being open. Try to roll the two rear windows down a couple of inches when the sun roof is open. It works for me.
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