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I'm new here and I just bought this 1988 Volvo 740 sedan. 2 big issues with it, one being it drove fine for a week and then it started, I went to accelerate one day and it died. Cranks fine, has spark, won't start. I read the fuel pump should be making a click sound when you turn the key. It does not. I took the relay out and used a jumper to just bypass and still no click. Both fuses are also fine. I already ordered a new pump, filter, both banjo bolts, and the crossover line. It was all a rusted solid mass. So even if it doesn't fix this issue it needed replaced anyhow. Any ideas on what else it might be would be lovely.

Second issue, the clutch no matter how fast i lift the pedal (or sidestep it) it doesn't spring up like it's supposed to do. I'm assuming it's a worn return spring? And the clutch doesn't feel sticky at all, you can pop the clutch and it just eases in. Idk if that's how volvos are meant to be or if there's something I need to have a look at.

On the transmission topic I also have a question for fellow Volvo people. The only 5 speed transmission listed for my car is a 4 speed with an overdrive button?? But my car is just a regular ol 5 speed. Everywhere I've looked it's either 4 speed auto or that 4 speed with the overdrive button. Is my transmission not the original tranny for my car?

Keep in mind please, I do what I can with my Volvo but I'm a truck driver. I'm only home 2-3 times a month. So any help would be great so that way I have ideas of where to look when I do get home. Thank you in advance!
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