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Hi, folks.

A few weeks ago I found myself in desperate need of advice regarding the dead turbo in my car. A donor car helped me access a decent functioning turbo, but left me with a bunch of stuff I don't have room for and couldn't bear to see go to the crusher.

All prices are negotiable. I'm happy to send whatever you've purchased by the method of your choice, and will charge you postage only - "handling" is for chumps. All prices are in Canadian dollars or silver at spot price. Cash is king, EMT a close second, PayPal grudgingly accepted.

Schwag as follows:

NOS Volvo driver's side mirror -

Still in the factory bag. Mirror is powered and heated, I believe. Never mounted, brand new, still smells faintly of herring and Socialism.

That thumbprint is a trick of the light. The mirror is in factory fresh shape. Buy it elsewhere for $89.90 + shipping. Yours for $50.


Factory tail light by Cibie:

Why do these things always collect road grime and pine needles? I pulled half a damn christmas tree out from behind this one...

Black trim. I managed to break one of the mounting studs off (outermost one) in my hamhanded removal effort. No water in either. Foil is intact and functional. Yours for $20.00

IPd wants $100 each for brand new aftermarket ones, which are much nicer than this one, sure, but lack the character, patina, and history of abuse it has.
Awesome Euro Headlights!

Interestingly, both left side, and so not a pair. Hella H4, bulbs are fine. IPD wants $144.90 for one of these. Yours for $50.00 each, $80 if you take both.


The Legendary Volvo Turbo Grille!

Adds 20 horsepower, increases the size of your "old fellah", makes the ladies swoon. In Johnny Cash Black.

Comes free with stylish back side... (Made in Canada of Space Age ABS Plastic!)

Note cool patina. Tell girls you got these chips while escaping Russian spies in your awesome rally car. Yours for $30.00 + shipping.


If you're interested in any of this, let me know via PM and we'll make the necessary arrangements.


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