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'89 740 GL acting strange

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Allright, ill try my best to explain this. Its already cost me 400 at the dealership having the auto tranny, the throttle body and computer looked at and they havent a clue as to why.

Once or twice a month when im driving and slow down, then try and speed up, the rpms go will go up as i stomp the gas, but it doesnt pick up any speed. It stays at that exact speed, untill i slow down, then its at that speed. I pull over, turn off the car, restart it and its perfect again. Like nothing happened and it wont happen again for at least two weeks.

Mind you, this isnt an everyday problem, but its got me irritated and the dealership baffled.

So, anyone have a clue at to what could be going wrong?
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i had a similar problem with my 940 which is basically same vehicle,after countless visits to various garages i contacted the Volvo club"s Peter Milne and he advised fuel pump relay behind the fuse now runs perfect.hope this helps,regards.
Definitely and automatic transmission issue. I'd try another Volvo shop or a transmission specialist.

The auto in 740s is an Asian Warner and a fairly common unit with other imports so it would be familiar to a good shop.
Make sure the TV(downshift cable) is not bound up or sticking. They fray with age and high miles. under the hood on the throttle there are 2 cables. one is leading to the gas pedal and the other leads to the trans(the lower one. Pull that calbe with your fingers and see if it retracts. it should snap back instantly. if it just hangs there or retracts slowly, it's bad and needs to be replaced.Ii would start there. You may have other issues too.
hi, sorry i did"nt read your question properly, iwas losing rpm"s but my car was manual drive so i don"t understand the autos
A sticking downshift cable will only cause it to hang onto a gear longer and delay the upshift not, as jbivy says, "the rpms go will go up as i stomp the gas, but it doesnt pick up any speed."

Possibly just low tx fluid or maybe a problem with the torque converter. I'll assume you've checked the tranny fluid? Smell it, it should just smell oily but if it smells burnt - that's slippage. Regardless, it's a condition that will probably get worse and cause more expensive problems if you keep driving it without repair.

Take some time and read through these links;
Transmission. Automatic AW70 and ZF
Thats true unless hes hitting the rpm limiter or the trans is really bad. He states that he has a manual trans(M47). That's very different. It's got to be engine related. Is there any codes? You can have codes even if the check engine light is not on. 89's had a lot of computer issues. If it has a 556, it's already been replaced. 933 is original(USA only). could be a dirty/corroded connector. It may be the crank sensor going, The wires break from the inside and will cause intermittent problems.
Original post was for an auto box, 740.
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