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I've had my had my wife's Volvo for about 10 years now. LOL! It's been very reliable and hasnt made me work to hard on it. Swapped out the tune up parts, plugs cap, rotor, wires and fuel filter... no sweat ...I've been wrenching for 35 years. It ran great.

But...I'm now having "fuel rejection" problems

We had tires put on a week or so ago. Car has always pulled just a hair right, and the steering wheel was clocked an hour and a half to the left. Sooooo.... I adjusted the alignment back towards center and re-clocked the steering wheel.

Despite following the air bag removal "destructions", I now have an SRS light on, which also wont give codes...AND the car now runs like the control unit is fogged. Kinda feels like the IAC is slugged or iced. FP and volume are good. Gonna check the new ignition parts and scout the IAC today.

Any thoughts or intel would be appreciated. While a lot of things were done to this car the "running like a dead dog scenario" only occurred after removal and re-installation of the drivers side air bag.

Thanx in advance.


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I found this info on a search for Volvo 740 SRS. Maybe it can help.

Fault codes are displayed by flashing of warning lamp. Several faults, if present are displayed in succession at 4 seconds intervals.
Requesting Fault Code Display
Turn ignition On, warning lamp will display a steady beam indicating presence of a fault. (Lamp will otherwise be extinguished after approximately 10 seconds). Wait 15 seconds to allow system to complete self-diagnostics.
Ground test terminal for 2-5 seconds. When ground connection is removed, lamp will commence to display fault code(s) before reverting to steady light. Lamp will flash immediately when ground connection is removed, however this is not a fault code just confirmation that a request has been made.
If no fault code is displayed, switch ignition Off and On and repeat test. If this does not function, check connection to combined instrument. Ground leads must be fitted with spade connectors at both ends. Refer to table for fault tracing repair.
The test terminal is in the fuse box marked SRS has only one connector in it. Do not turn ignition Off between request and clearance of fault code. When fault has been corrected, warning lamp must be cancelled (fault code cleared) to restore normal operation. Clear fault code as follows:
Repeat code display procedure by grounding test terminal for 2-5 seconds.
Ground test terminal three times within 1.5-5 seconds, for at least 0.25 seconds on each occasion.
Warning lamp will be extinguished for 4 seconds and then relight for 3 seconds to confirm clearance of fault codes(s). Final extinction of lamp indicates restoration of normal function.
If lamp does not go out, repeat display procedure.

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Assume nothing

I too found this info, however the SRS warning lamp will not flash codes so I will have to start digging deeper in that regard.

My drive-ability issue was two fold. I ended up going back to where I started. The IAC motor was indeed a bit sticky. After cleaning, things came along somewhat better. Ultimately the FINAL fix was to buff up the cam dog where the ignition rotor makes contact. Obviously a certain amount of corrosion can build up over time.

Once the shaft was de-scroded with some 600 grit paper, the idle and low end response improved back to normal. After a blast down the road and some re-learn time for the ECU we're back to normal.

Thank you for your prompt response!
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