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Hey,I have had several Volvos over the years but this one problem just perplexes me!
I have a 92 240 sedan with under 100,000 miles.I live in Los Angeles where it gets hot outside.
Problem is when it is warm outside or motor has been run for awhile,you turn the key to start it and it's like there is nothing there???
The dash lights all come on and I know the battery is charged,and nothing happens.After rolling down the windows to cool off the interior and waiting for up to a half hour and beyond,you turn the key and there is a pause....and maybe a click in the dash(?) and maybe it will start.It starts every time at night if cold motor?
The starter was replaced by my Volvo mechanic thinking that was the problem,but the car still does this.I don't let my wife drive it,as it can strand you for hours sometimes.Has anybody heard of this ever happening to their 240?
It bums me out that I have this lo mile 240 runs great when it runs,that I can't drive.Maybe this is why it has lo miles!! I did buy it from the original owner in the winter.
Any help would be appreciated!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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