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Hi all, I have a 740GL staion wagon, automatic '92 (which I LOVE!). I was rear ended on Wednesday and all passenger side rear tail lights are out. Hazards worked for a second then shorted out. the front console smells of electrical short. The turn signals & break lights do not work either. Head lights okay. Was running fine til Friday and tried to come home from work - I can't get it out of park. It turns on but won't budge. Wheel is not in locked position.
Do you think this has something to do with being hit and something else has now shorted out and is preventing the car from "reading" ready for drive? I didn't see that there was a fuse labeled transmission or anything.
I'm hoping its something simple because I don't want them to total my car when the insurance co. looks at it monday
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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