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hey there all, new on the forum here, so dont beat me up too much lol

alright, now onto my question... its a 92 960 wagon, about 274,000 miles on it, got the car for $300 because it needed a battery and got it running and it runs great, but whenever it warms up, you'll be driving down the road and the trans will not shift into 3rd gear, it goes right from 2nd to 4th unless you push the gas harder you can get it into 3rd but it just wants to go right back into 4th, ive changed the trans fluid and filter and tried some lucas stop leak, and also replaced the neutral safety switch on the side of the transmission (reverse lights didnt work)

also last night i was driving it and it felt like maybe the torque converter was slamming in and out of engagement, it would just really hard, almost like the rear end wanted to seize up for a second, then it just stopped doing it.

my girlfriend really loves the car and the body is in excellent shape (it used to be a florida car) and id like to get it fixed up and reliable again for her. as far as i can tell the only code it has in the vehicle is for a cam sensor (yes the check engine light is on)

so any ideas from anybody????

thanks in advance for any advice!
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