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93 Volvo 850 GLT Stalling/Won't Start!

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We recently purchased a Volvo 850 from someone who had bought the car brand new in 93. She told us there were no problems with it and we have all of the service records for the car from day 1. Two weeks after we bought the car, it would (sometimes) not start. It would take a few times and would finally turn over. Then it started stalling in the middle of me driving down the road. It just stops with no warning. Then I sit there and try to start it a few times and finally it starts. It will run fine for a week then Bam! Won't start all day. Then the next day it starts, you get the idea...We can't seem to find the problem. Does anyone have any ideas? It sounds like a couple of other people in this forum has had the same problem, but there is not a clear answer. Does this happen with 93-94 Volvo 850's often? We are at a loss and we do not have the money to take it to a Volvo dealer. Please Help!:confused:
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non start 850

1) ck. fuel filter 2)pickup sensor 3) listen for fuel pump noise when you turn key on 3 ck. fuel pressure over 30 psi
try to separate the problem between fuel & ignition. when the car won,t start pull a sparkplug cable hold about 1/4'' inch from engine or batt. ground.Have someone crank engine over.You should see a spark(carefully) don't get shocked. After some cranking you should smell gas at the exhaust end pipe, or you can pull a sparkplug and look for or smell raw gas. let us know what you find ... regards
im having the same issue, i heard that common problem is cam sensor which is located on the opposite side of timing belt...again i can be wrong and can be fuel system as hoping someone here can chime in and give us a full detail based on their experience
850 hard to start and run

Fuel pump relay is sometimes the problem. I have replaced the ignition switch before, when having the same problem, but not sure if that was it. I tried several fixes around the same time and not sure which one won out. Seems like the cam sensor mentioned earlier might have been the trick.
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