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Hi everyone!

This is my first time visiting the forum. I'd like to inquire about the 940's electrical system. The car's been sitting a long while, but it was running fine when I parked it. It's still got gas that'll burn in it and it's feeding into the fuel rail, so I'm convinced it's not a fuel problem. It's a lack of spark that's keeping the engine from firing. The ignition coil is good. The distributor cap was cleaned (but didn't find any points there!), and that didn't help either. The battery was fully charged before attempting to crank the car, so that's not the problem; it cranks fine but fire isn't getting to the engine. Neither are spark plugs or fuses the culprit. So basically that leaves me wondering why there's no fire in the plugs. Here's my questions:

-Where are the points located and how hard are they to reach? Are they actually inside the CAM shaft or somewhere else? Where can I find some good diagrams of the electrical/distributer ignition systems?
-What's that random plastic box containing a heavy, magnetic-looking piece of metal doing at the back-center of the engine compartment?
-Is there a computer that sends a pulse to the ignition coil? If not, what is responsible for doing that?
-Any other suggestions on what to try/check to get the plugs firing properly?

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.
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