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Hello All,

I'm in the initial stages of planning to swap a 1994 940 Turbo engine from a sedan into my 1994 940 NA Wagon. Not much detailed info in the archives or elsewhere on line, so I'm still in heavy research mode. :)

From my initial review of both cars I can see that in addition to the engine and gearbox (may transfer rear axle; 3.73 versus 4.10), the following will need to be moved/changed;

1. ABS Pump Module and related brake lines
2. Battery
3. Air Filter
4. Air Mass Meter
5. Under hood wiring harnesses
6. Engine Control Module (LH Jetronic)
7. EZ-K Control Module and Amplifier
8. Air to Air Intercooler
9. Radiator

I'm currently comparing the Mitchell Repair wiring diagrams of an NA car versus a Turbo and notice that some of the connections to the Engine Control Module are different between the two versions. So, has anyone done this swap and what did you encounter?

Any feedback/input is appreciated.
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