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940 question

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will a 940 non turbo start if the impulse sensor and the air mass sensor are shot?
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after a whole lot of relacing parts that i could do here at home i.e. plugs,fi relay, fuel pump relay, cleaning throttle body, cleaning air mass sensor and speed sensor. car still shut off. a friend of mine suggested ic module. drove to junk yard with a borrowed truck pulled one for $12.00 and bingo! car runs and doesnt stall! hope this helps some one else.
Thanks for the information. So on your Volvo 940 the IC Module was bad and that was causing the car to shut off?
yes, i took the tip from another owner . my car did the same thing as his. after replacing relay,s and speed sensor and cleaning throttle body. oh plugs and wires the car would run and still lose power. with much frustration i closed the hood with car running and it shut off! looked for loose connections on fender well and found module behind air filter box. then i looked up part number and discover it was voltage to fi stage, and prone to failure. and bingo!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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