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95 850T Tried to kill me!

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:confused:I recently had a bad experience with my 850T. I was on the highway doing about 65 mph. When out of nowhere the car suddenly accelerated so fast I didnt know what to do. I panicked and pushed the brakes but That didnt help. The cars engine was going so fast that even pushing the brakes as hard as I could was not good enough. I was getting up to 100+ mph so I threw her in neutral and the rpms were in the red on my tach. So I got desperate and shut the key off ON THE HIGHWAY! With her still in Neutral I attempted to restart her to get off the road and avoid being nailed from behind. The first attempt the starter engaged but failed to start. The second attempt worked thankfully. I was able to get off the road and drive to a safe spot to look at what might have caused this.

So far I have found nothing. I have been driving around on short trips to see if there is a repeat. It tried to do this again but this time I was on a city street and accelerating. As I felt it happening again I let off and It stopped. What is going on? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT?:eek:
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Call up the dealership. My volvo had a part recalled. What you described sounds familiar to the problem.

Dangerous situation to be in.
If it does it again, throw it into neutral BEFORE you get up too much speed. The rev limiter in the computer will keep the engine at redline but no higher - won't do any damage. Keeping it running will give you power steering and brakes so you can pull off the roadway safely. A good shop with proper diagnostic gear should be able to find something wrong.

And as Toyota say, 'check the floor mats'.
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