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My daughter has an '96 850 w/160k+ miles. The car is developing a rash of electrical problems. While moving the driver’s seat, the alarm/engine kill activates. This has happened several times and is resolved by disconnecting the neg battery terminal. She is now complaining about her dash lights and radio light going on and off. She also said that the heater was blowing cold air until she hit a pothole... then it immediately started blowing hot!
I took the car for a ride to see for myself. I put the key in the door to unlock it, and the flashers went off/ignition kill was activated. The car wouldn't start. I closed the door, and locked it. When I locked the car, the flashers stopped. I turned the key to open the lock and the car was fine.

I took it for a ride. All the dash lights are now on.

Pulled in the driveway, and pressed the console-mounted switch to close the passenger side window. As I held the switch, the driver’s side seat began to recline.

I know the harness runs under the seat. Does this sound like a short in the harness, or could it be an ignition switch issue, or ? If it's the harness, what am I looking at for a repair? Is it a possible DIY – and where can I get a harness? At this point I'm not sure the car is worth fixing.
Thanks in advance,
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