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Geez I hate to admit this but, I foolishly set the gas cap on the upper corner of the seal area when the trunk was open when getting some gas. Well, you all know what happened then. I closed the trunk lid down on it. No damage to the seal area or the lid but, it forced the corner of the lid upward by 'ratcheting' the pivot point bolt on the serrated washers that are up in the body area ahead of the rear window.
Has anyone had this happen to them & if so, do you know how to access the pivot bolt to adjust the lid to fit down on the seal again? My favourite Volvo shop has never had to do this but are suggesting they will have to remove the entire back seat & interior upholstery to get to it. just asking in case someone knows a simpler way to correct the problem.
Strangely, I've always told my wife NEVER set the gas cap on the open trunk seal area. There's a little hook on the gas door to hang it on while gassing up. I won't tell you what she called me when she learned of my problem.
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