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I think this is how you would do it. First remove the black trim on the bumper using a wide blade screw driver or similar tool be gentle!!!!.

Undo the bolts x2 holding the bumper cover (12mm socket)
inside the wheel arches you will see a torx screw ( sorry can't remember the size) undo this untill you have just a few threads left holding it on then push the whole screw in, (this pushes the catch holding the bumper cover) which releases the rear edge.

Now look above the grill you will see 5 I think push button catches.

Push the centres with a small screw driver and remove the catches.

The Bumper cover should now be ready for removal dont forget to undo the fog light wires I think thats about it. ( always be gentle)

If you need to remove the headlight you will now need to undo the black plastic assembly which holds the bumper rear catch, (if you have got this far you will see what I mean) quite hard to explain without a picture, 2 torx (can't remember the size sorry) and 2 bolts (10mm socket).

The head lights are held in by 4 bolts (10mm) I refer to the spanner / socket required and not the bolt diam to make things easier for you.

Should take no more then 10 / 15 minutes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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