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98 V70 steering wheel

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Hey guys quick steering wheel question.
Don't know if I'm losing my mind but today driving my wife's Volvo I noticed that the steering wheel is turning out of round. What I mean is, the the top of the wheel sticks up higher from the top of the dash board than the bottom portion of the wheel when it reaches the top if turned 180 degrees. Almost as it turns on a elliptical circle???
Not by much of course but noticeable.
Is that normal for a Volvo or am I losing it?

She had Sears instal 4 new tires and they did a wheel alignment as well, have done it?
It drives ok.
Thank you in advance,
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The steering wheels are not perfectly round. Mine is the same way. Just the way they are made. It's nothing sears did, so don't worry.
Hello and thank you for the reply.
Believe me with my limited knowladge I looked at this thing twenty different ways. You are right the only excuse is the not perfectly round wheel.
Never seen one though before...Mostly factory made. They are usually
done right....
Thanks again,
Tony V.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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