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Vehicle in question is a 1998 V70R AWD turbo 5 cylinder with 136K miles.

I’m new to Volvo’s and read about the glove test to check the PCV system, this car fails the test and inflates a glove placed around the oil filler neck. With the engine warm and running if I remove the dipstick and oil cap there is smoke/blow by coming from both. From what I’ve read it looks like classic symptoms of a malfunctioning PCV system but I went a step further and did a compression test. Results are as follows, first number is dry and second number is after adding oil to the cylinder:

1. 175 - 200

2. 165 - 180

3. 140 - 180

4. 160 - 180

5. 190 - 210

Looks like worn rings especially on #3 . My question is what are your opinions on the health of this engine? Is the PCV system at fault or is it blow by from worn rings? Maybe both. Is there anything else I can do to test the PCV system? Thanks, guys I’m all ears.
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