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I've got a 99 S70 in fair good condition...175 000km.

The car has always run like a dreamand has been super quiet

How ever now the car makes a humming sound when seems the faster the speed the higher the sound.

As well the car makes a pulsating humming sound which can be felt in the gas pedal

It seemed to me a problem with the engine though i know very little about cars but some co workers it said the problem could be a loose or busted bearing.

Any idea's so when I bring it into a mechanic i've got some idea what to say?

Thanks alot

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Emanuel welcome to the forum. What you are describing is pretty tough to diagnose via email. It could be something in the brakes or wheel bearing or rim out of balance to something else. You should try to note anything you can when you drive such as do you notice it when turning, any gear, any speed, what about in reverse. If you are driving and put the car in neutral, let off the gas, does it still do it?
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