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99 s70t5

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I made the post on matthewsvolvosite with all the pics, here is a link, very clean s70 t5

Ok, now that I have your attention with the subject, I need your help with what to do! My baby has a couple major repairs due, I told myself the last time that I wouldn't do anymore, however if you look at the pictures below, you'll see just how amazing she is. I would sell her to someone who is going to take care of her but for how much? How much is she worth to a Volvo nut? <--- more pics
[email protected] <-- my email

The good:
Body 8/10 - waxed often and garaged, XC grille, IPD peg replicas machined face 17's wrapped in BF Goodrich tires with 95% tread left (just got these wheels in October), brand new complete headlight housings with Beamtech LED headlights (no scatter from these), LED yellow fog lights (brand new housings), full size "perfo" spare tire, also included are 3 perfo wheels and the original spare tire

Interior 8/10 - Replaced both front seats, brand new steering wheel, replaced all the dash mounts so the dashboard doesn't squeak, replaced the motors in all four door lock actuators, original Volvo floor mats, 15% tint all around, 70% tint on entire windshield- never gets hot in the car.. windshield being tinted is amazing, Blaupunkt bluetooth stereo with microphone for hands free talking comes with remote as well, remote key fob and two keys

The bad: reverse is starting to fail - will need new transmission soon, I do have a guy in California that has a manual swap ready to go for 900.00 shipped! Timing belt and water pump need to be changed, PCV system needs to be cleaned, 310k miles on it, vvti solenoid is bad, camshaft valve throwing CEL light, have to add coolant once every couple months (typical Volvo radiator drip coming from the plastic)

Now- do I sell it as is and ask much? Or do I fix the transmission and do the timing belt then sell it? Do I fix all of them and keep it? I think I would ask 6,000.00 for it if I fix the transmission and do the timing belt. If I didn't do them I would ask 4,000, I think I would ask 3,000 from Robert Spinner and give it to him for future generations of his videos....I have never seen a cleaner s70 t5, always getting compliments on it, or will I regret ever selling it. Everything works perfectly, sunroof, AC is ice cold, etc... but how long till those things fail and I am totally in over my head? I would welcome people thoughts on this! Is it time to say goodbye? Enjoy the pics.......
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