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'99 S80 Computer Problem

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I also posted this in the introduction forum, but thought it might get some attention here as well.
I just bought a 1999 S80 turbo with some minor problems. The power door locks, mirrors, and windows don't work (mostly controlled by driver's door). The guy I bought it from told me the airbag module/computer in the center console had liquid spilled on it one too many times. The terminals on the module are corroded. I have replaced the corroded wires in the harness and the module with a junkyard module from another 1999 S80, but non-turbo. Now, all systems function as they should, but the car won't start.
The other car was in the junkyard because of a starting issue. I figure the problem is therefore in the module. I really don't want to wreck this thing by opening it up & attempting to repair the built in plug. Can either one of these modules be repaired/reprogrammed without replacing it with a brand new one ($$$)?
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