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I have a problem with my ABS system on my 850

It started last year with the ABS lamp in the dash turned on some times. But one day it came on and staied on.
The car have only runned 192 km

Yes, i know the standard error on the ABS Module.
I did some work on it, puted back in the car, after a day the light did disepered, after i heard the abs started up when i drive (it was making a zummm noice on and off, an reackted when i braked a litle bit)
But the day after that againg it was working as normal.
But after around 3months it came on again :( some times at first and now back fully again.
I tried to make it work again but nothing. I tested al the cables and that the ABS sensors worked fine (using a multimeter)
I goot a new module from USA.
I put it in the car and tried, but the light stils are on. And i can't get it to work.

Any Tips? i hope it's not the ABS pump that has gone bad...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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