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Air conditioner compressor V70 2003

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Engine is making humming noise - it increases when car accelerates. Stops when car reaches 40mph. Car shop says the noise is due to air conditioner compressor. (Brought car in for repair due to the noise - timing belt, water pump and belt were replaced. Noise remains - is louder now.)
Would the air conditioner compressor make such a noise? It doesn't matter is the air conditioner is on or off - it still makes the noise.
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Just got my car this week and have a similar noise, the Ac clutch pulley bearing is out on mine, popped the serpentine belt off and the noise went away, spun all the pulleys and the Ac pulley was the only noisy one, I have another pulley, just need to figure out how to get it off with the compressor mounted on the car.

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