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Hi, I'm Steve and I live in Pacifica CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I bought a 2002 V70 2.4t about a month ago.
The car was unbelievably clean inside and out and the mileage of 167K seemed fair.
I thought the asking price of $2400 was reasonable and I was desperately in need of transportation.
This is actually my second Volvo, other than it was a four door sedan, I don't recall what model it was.
I gave it what I thought was a good test drive and was happy with it.
After a few days it started to run very rough, throw codes and stalled.
It seemed as though the throttle had no influence on the RPMs or what gear it was in.
My mechanic friend put it on his scan tool and found these codes and descriptions.
P0068 MAP/MAF Correlation
P0221 Throttle Pedal Position Switch & CKT Range /Performance
P0171 Lean Bank
After he checked them, made a list and cleared them all the symptoms were gone.
I started driving home and the car ran badly for a few miles without showing any lights or messages.
No codes appeared during the next couple of weeks but I didn't do much driving.
Last week I started the car and it immediately had a check engine light and stalled.
I connected my scan tool and found eight codes.
The first six above and P2111, P0121 and P2096.
Since I have no income other than Social Security and any savings evaporated, I needed free diagnostics.
I became very active on some of the Jaguar forums a few years ago when I inherited an XJS.
They were great sources of knowledge both to and from me.
So the search for Volvo forums began, which brought me here.
I hope that my post is not too long or in an inappropriate location.
Any information I can get here would be greatly appreciated.
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