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Hi everyone

I am on my second volvo my first i owned was a 2000 s60 2.4 turbo se in met silver which i bought five years ago for £ 8000.00 and sold just 6 months later due to rapid depreciation prices in which ive seen for sale tonight for £ 1500.00 and it is batterd.

My second and current volvo is a 98 s40 2.0 cd in met flame red which i bought just 3 weeks ago for £ 500.00 with issues which have cost me another £ 500.00 to get sorted, in which have now been done in my eyes the car has cost me a £ 1000.00 but worth every penny as its such a comfy and pleasure to drive, next on my list to do is to source some alloys in which i might have done just waiting for the person to get back to me, and this weekend im going to give the car a rub over with some 1500 grade wet and dry, and buff up with some farclar g3 and a good polish to make the car have a deep shine.
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